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Our Customized Approach

As you work to secure your financial future, maintain a comfortable lifestyle in retirement, and protect your family, Lifetime Wealth Management Group will be by your side every step of the way. Our highly customized approach to wealth management and financial planning ensures that your needs and goals are not only considered, but remain at the forefront of your strategy.  

At Lifetime Wealth Management Group, we work comprehensively with the wealth management plans of each client. We help them first, to create and grow wealth - Second, to protect and preserve wealth - Third, to plan the distribution of wealth during life, and - Fourth, to plan the distribution of wealth at death. Our disciplined approach examines the Thirteen Wealth Management Issues that are most important for our clients to address.

Today’s markets are tumultuous and more volatile than ever before. The inevitability of the markets ups and downs, we believe it is critically important to develop consolidated portfolios.  For every dollar of performance we strive to achieve for our clients, we manage risk appropriately. Each individual's overall asset allocation must be reflective of their current situation, future goals, feelings about the market and family dynamics.  

Once an appropriate asset allocation is created, we establish a future communication plan with each client that spans over the course of twelve months. Ongoing communication with our clients is essential to ensure the continued customization of their wealth management plan. We address factors such as:

  • Clearly defining the investment objective of each client.
  • Developing highly personalized and customized portfolios that accurately reflect each client's unique needs and preferences.
  • The process we employ for the ongoing monitoring of the consolidated portfolio and the circumstances which might cause a portfolio to be rebalanced or reallocated.
  • Why each investment, fund and manager recommended for the consolidated portfolio is a quality holding and how each correlates to the portfolio as a whole.
  • The client's investment expectations as it relates to appropriate benchmarks.
  • Any constraints needing to be placed on the consolidated portfolio.

We are supported by the vast resources of our firm, allowing us to provide an unparalleled level of customized service.